Perfectionist charcuterie

We invited a perfectionist Chef to show that "gourmet" is achievable by anyone. You just need the right ingredients.


Ben & Jerry’s believes you have the right to love who you want to love. So do we. And after a special request on the brand’s facebook page, two guys, Nicolas and José got happily ever after inside the ice cream shop in São Paulo.

Tiago Pinto

Gatorade Marketing Director for Latam

I have always thought of LiveAD as part of my team for all these years that we have worked together. It always sounded natural to me work together on challenging and innovative projects, regardless of where I was at the time. We always had true complicity in everything we came to create, in both our achievements and mistakes. And it always worked out just perfect!


Ben & Jerry’s believes a brand has the responsibility to give back to the community all the support they receive. They believe a brand has an obligation to help and build a better society, wherever they are. As they arrived in Brazil we knew we had to connect them with people that believe in that as well. We aimed their will of change to the ones taking the streets to have fun. Public space became our main objective of our Playful Revolution that started with a Picnic at Oscar Freire.

Cecília Dias

Ice Cream Brand Development Director for Latam

I got to know LiveAD at a very special moment: It was time to bring Ben & Jerry's to Brazil and we needed an agency that fitted perfectly with the brand, it's personality and values. It was love at first sight. LiveAD is now part of this delicious story called #peaceloveandicecream and many others we are starting to write. Congratulations for your 10 years and thank you for the partnership!


Melissa was about to launch a new limited edition of 1979 pairs of roller skates. To create awareness of it, we invited a group of bloggers and fashion influencers to perform a music video to one of the hottest bands at the time - WannabeJalva. It doesn't look like advertising at all.


At Rio 10K, we connected runners and their Facebook friends by emulating an instinctive interaction:the high-five. By slapping the big yellow hands, they could share emotional milestones in real-time.

Jerry Greenfield

Dear LiveAD friends, We have made dozens of launches so far. All of them were great. But, and this is a sound BUT, you guys rocked. I can tell you this was the best international market launch ever. I felt embraced by the city and by the whole team. I truly believe we share the same spirit and vision of the world. Hope we can do more days like that in the upcoming years. Thank you again. I will never forget the work you guys are doing for our brand in Brazil. Love, Jerry.

Chris Coelho

Former Nike Brand Director and Brand Strategist

Building strong brands requires consistency, innovation and an authentic connection with the customers. It seems to be an easy formula, but it isn’t. And LiveAD is able to deliver it with excellence. A real strategic partner, that beyond intelligence and creativity, always helped me to concretize really inspiring and relevant experiences to the consumers. The jobs from Nike Running and that culminated with Nike 600K are great samples of this very especial sinergy.