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Somos criadores, estrategistas, mães, pais, artistas, esportistas, cozinheiros, produtores, surfistas, tecnólogas e dançarinos.
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foto de Lucas Mello

Lucas Mello

A soul surfer and music festival enthusiast, Lucas is ℓiⱴε‘s founding partner and CEO/CCO. In 2013, he was chosen as Brazil’s most innovative communication and marketing professional by ProXXIma magazine. Lucas also co-founded the companies Box1824, Talk INC, Profile PR and Grupo Chez, as well as being an angel investor in Aquiris, one of the most renowned games studios in the country today.

foto de Aline Rossin

Aline Rossin
VP Client Services

A yoga teacher with a marketing background and a degree from Harvard Business School, our eclectic partner Aline takes care of account services and new business development. With almost 15 years of market experience, she’s been with ℓiⱴε since 2009 and also manages to find time to work in social projects around the world. Namaste!

foto de Lucas Polato

Lucas Polato
Diretor de Mídia e Insights

A citizen of the world, Lucas has lived in countries like Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. ℓiⱴε’s media director and partner has 10 years of experience in various segments of the market – including strategy of channels and media integration, media tools and data analytics – alongside teaching programmatic buying, digital and mobile media classes.

foto de Heber Araujo

Heber Araujo

With more than 30 years of experience, Heber is ℓiⱴε’s CFO and partner, in charge of shared services management. A husband and father, he likes to be in good company and is always taking some kind of course. He also finds time to act as a volunteer consultant and tax advisor for two NGOs, bringing with him all the knowhow gathered in companies such as Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Nadir Figueiredo and CSN.

foto de Pedro Perurena

Pedro Perurena
Diretor de Criação

Pedro believes in the transformative power and positive impact of communication – a philosophy he’s applied to major brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Ben&Jerry’s, Nestlé and YouTube in his 19-year career, 7 as a creative director. In his spare time, he binge watches series, studies art, creates album covers and music videos for his friends, plays the bass and drinks gallons of coffee.

foto de Karina Rehavia

Karina Rehavia
Diretora de Operações Internacionais

A professional digital nomad with the world in her DNA, Karina has worked in China, the United States and England. After six years in charge of ℓiⱴε ‘s production, she now leads ℓiⱴε’s global expansion as Director of International Operations. She has also fronted some major initiatives in the Brazilian communication and technology market, such as Campus Party Brasil and Red Bull Air Race.

foto de Bruno Poiani

Bruno Poiani
Business Director

Skating, beaches, music and his son Tomás are some of Bruno’s passions. Besides, of course, digital communication: he’s been taking care of New Businesses at ℓiⱴε for seven years after working with brands such as Samsung, Carrefour, Electrolux and Nestlé. He’s responsible for mapping, identifying and making the connection between agency and client, as well as developing business strategies for a consultative sale.

foto de Fernanda Geraldini

Fernanda Geraldini
Diretora de Produção

Mum to her son Joaquim and devoted food lover, Fernanda has been a creative and executive producer for over ten years. She’s an expert in crafting integrated projects that create experiences that link our screens to the real world, as well as advertising films for web and TV, feature films and television shows.

ℓiⱴε Community

A platform that connects liⱴε's community of talents around similar values, creative and productive excellence. A collaborative network that brings our clients closer to the best professionals in the Brazilian market and around the world.


Jerry Greenfield
Ben&Jerry's Founder

Dear ℓiⱴε friends, We have made dozens of launches so far. All of them were great. But, and this is a sound BUT, you guys rocked. I can tell you this was the best international market launch ever. I felt embraced by the city and by the whole team. I truly believe we share the same spirit and vision of the world. Hope we can do more days like that in the upcoming years. Thank you again. I will never forget the work you guys are doing for our brand in Brazil. Love, Jerry.

Rafael Ivanisk Oliveira
CEO Natural One

ℓiⱴε friends, we’ve been through quite a lot together over the last few years. We’ve done amazing projects, always following ℓiⱴε’s inquisitive and innovative spirit. But what I’ll never forget are the hardest moments we’ve experienced, as they highlighted your engagement, partnership and the great causes you believe in. We are together in building an increasingly stronger Natural One! Let’s smash this!!

Cecília Dias
Diretora de Marketing de Nutrition na Pepsico

I got to know ℓiⱴε at a very special moment: It was time to bring Ben & Jerry\\\'s to Brazil and we needed an agency that fitted perfectly with the brand, it\'s personality and values. It was love at first sight. ℓiⱴε is now part of this delicious story called #peaceloveandicecream and many others we are starting to write. Congratulations for your 10 years and thank you for the partnership!

André Lopes
General Manager Ben&Jerry's Brasil

I flirted with ℓiⱴε for the first time in a pitch 3 years ago. They won and since then we've worked with three different brands and today we already have a love affair. What most impressed and keep impressing me since the beginning is their human side. Human side that hits and misses, that brings the best team, that shows constant progress and evolution and that knows, above all, to work in real partnership with the client. Do you know that so discussed new model of agency-brand? We already have it!

Maria Elena Lioi
Ex Gerente Executiva de Mídia Integrada na BRF

The partnership with ℓiⱴε started in 2015 in a very special moment: we needed to modernize Sadia brand and start the construction of a new positioning of Qualy on digital media. From there on, we built innovative projects together, which leveraged the brands and brought very expressive results. Thank you ℓiⱴε friends for the partnership and the success we\'ve built together in these 2 years.

Gabriel Fernandes
Leader of Digital Business Unit

ℓiⱴε: could an agency have a more appropriate name for nowadays? Days that challenge brands everyday. Days that demand partners who understand the new needs and the "real time" speed in the solidification of the relations between brands and consumers. Days that ask for an agency that doesn\'t see communication neither as on or off, but, rather, communication that just like this agency is simply \"ℓiⱴε\"! More than ever, who knows, does it ℓiⱴε! And who does it ℓiⱴε (and does it well) the name already says: it\'s ℓiⱴε, our dear and partner ℓiⱴε!

Larissa Vaz
Creative Director

ℓiⱴε's creative team has as a principle to solve problems with relevant and inspiring ideas to the customers and of course, well connected to the brands. Innovation and intelligence are on our daily basis to make the experience happen. Build, take care, evolve and humanize. Those are the actions that directs us to each step, from inside out. I couldn't be more pleased to be surrounded by people with so much initiative and, above all, that make things happen. Being part of a family so devoted and faithful to their principles is something to be proud of.

Tiago Pinto
Gatorade Global Marketing Director at PepsiCo

I have always thought of ℓiⱴε as part of my team for all these years that we have worked together. It always sounded natural to me work together on challenging and innovative projects, regardless of where I was at the time. We always had true complicity in everything we came to create, in both our achievements and mistakes. And it always worked out just perfect!

Julia Duarte
Diretora Criativa da Box1824

ℓiⱴε is a portal. It took me from Porto Alegre to SP, from SP to worlds, until then, unknown. Where I met the most brilliant people of life, had the most enriching discussions and created the most courageous jobs. ℓiⱴε is a great productive environment where you find your work colleagues, exchange with them and the magic happens in form of communication. The work is a consequence of great experiences.

Tiago Pereira
Diretor de Criação

Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence. I have to say I stole this last quote from the internet, but it describes the agency better than I ever would. ℓiⱴε is a grown-up youthful culture, that works without boundaries to address the core of clients’ everyday dreams.

Victor Pujol
Marketing Project Manager

ℓiⱴε is a wonderful place, full of competent and intelligent people, always concerned about the impact that their personal actions and professional projects will have on society. Nothing that comes out from there is by chance, nothing is foam, everything has a clear purpose; projects that we touch with a smile and that makes our soul lighter, and everything, obviously, without leaving aside the business objectives of its clients. Ling this viexperience has changed the professional I am and definitely made me a better person. Only love for these people and this agency.