We are people working with brands to be relevant to the world.

LiveAD is a 10 year old independent award-winning agency that focuses on creating meaningful connections between people and brands. We believe communications is a very powerful tool for change both in business and for the world. So we use our creativity and digital expertise to give life to ideas that drives positive impact in our client's businesses by being relevant to people’s lives. And that’s why we love what we do.


We were born in Porto Alegre 10+ years ago inside a trend research company with the idea of connecting brands and people in a non-traditional way. Since then we have became experts in the most complex technology that exists: the human being. We create utilitarian communication which is beyond advertising messages. Communication with a higher purpose. And, along with that, we have always been a step ahead in the way people communicate. Long before digital social networks became part of people’s lives, we were already launching products through the construction of communities for the biggest brands in the country. This movement started to receive attention and, in 2009, we were awarded with the first ever Cannes PR Gold Lion, followed by a Gold Branded Content and Enterteinment Cannes Lions in 2011. Since then, we have been pioneers in many other festivals. We were the first Brazilian agency to be a SXSW finalist, the first Brazilian agency to win a Facebook Studio Awards and, in 2015, we won our first Webby Awards. In 2013, ProfilePR came to life. Our PR agency is focused in solutions for education, sustainability, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, working with clients from all over the globe. 
LiveAD partners are:
Lucas Mello - CEO & Founder
Mauro Silva - Strategy & Creative VP
Aline Rossin - Head of Client Services
Rodrigo Vieira da Cunha - Head of PR & ProfilePR founder


Rua Capote Valente, 109 / São Paulo

Phone: +55 11 3071 0064


Reach to PROFILE, the PR agency of the group.

+55 11 3060-8820


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