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HI-5 To Share

At Rio 10K, we connected runners and their Facebook friends by emulating an instinctive interaction:the high-five. By slapping the big yellow hands, they could share emotional milestones in real-time.


In partnership with facebook and other digital friends we helped Nike Rio 10k raise the attendance of a younger audience by making it the most fun and connected race ever. Runners used the hands to share their milestones. At the beginning, middle and end of the race. It was all possible using a RFID technology on the totems and runners handbands. The iconic Hi-5 act became a uplifting way of sharing their feelings during the race.


The hands were slapped with visceral pleasure and everyone at the race enjoyed it. Total of 8.876 High fives posted with an average of 40 likes and comments on each share. "It was like having 40 friends running with you" runners said.