Absolut Art Resistance

For quite a few years Absolut had been in silence. To change that, they needed to come back and reconnect with brand lovers, also bringing back their historic artistic presence as a brand that always supported important causes.

Throughout history, Absolut always stood by artists that used their art as a way to push the world forward. Starting from this context, we went on to create the new chapter in this history.

We took on a really important cause that needs more visibility and support and gave it a place in the spotlight. Brazil is the country where the most transgender people are killed each year. So we partnered with powerful voices in the artistic trans community that were fighting this intolerance: Linn da Quebrada and As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira. Then, we released the original track ABSOLUTAS along with a exclusive music video and a 160 ft. mural in the biggest open art gallery of Latin America.

The Mural

Hand-painted by Patrick Rigon and Renan Santos, it became a hotspot to visit and it is now a part of São Paulo's Free LGBT Walking Art Tour.

We promoted the release of the song with a party including performances by the artists


Throughout the campaign, brand advocates went from 11% to 25%. Consumption desire went up to 40% and Absolut had a 4pp increase in market share.
The music video had over 35 million views, online and on TV. The song became a hit on Spotify and an anthem for respect.
Society got to know the faces that were hidden behind intolerance. And, against all odds, Absolut kept resisting and pushing the world forward.


The campaign was nationally and internationally recognized. We won Silver at Wave Festival in Rio in the category Branded Content & Entertainment as well as being shortlisted in the Outdoor category. In 2018, Absolut Art Resistance was the only Brazilian project in the Music category shortlist at Cannes Lions.