BOVAP - Political Stock Exchange
(Corretores Souza Barros)

We believe your vote is a long term investment in your own welfare. But just like in the financial world, to succeed, you need proper information. So we created an unexpected way of teaching about politics and investment at the same time.


It's known that Brazilians lack information about politics and finances. So we wanted to solve two problems at the same time. We put the politicians on sale. Our website worked just like any other home broker website, but instead of real stocks, politicians were divided in fractions and sold to anyone who wanted to invest on them. Just like a real Home Broker. At BOVAP, people could buy them or sell them, following their guts combined with real information of every politician running elections.


We used the hottest theme at the time, elections, to teach a new generation about stock market and politics. On the first month, millions of people were impacted by spontaneous media and social. All sorts of media talked about the idea and some of them, such as Folha de São Paulo, covered the politicians prices flow, showing millions of people how public opinion (their prices) was being measured on BOVAP website.


The work brought us the PR Silver at Cannes Lions and at El Ojo, the leading advertising and communications festival at the Ibero-American industry. We were also shortlisted in the SXSW Interactive Awards, Activism category.