Super Payphone



The biggest race of the Americas has 600km and starts in São Paulo and finishes in Rio. Nike, as a sponsor needed a fun, engaging solution use social as a media to advertise the race to millions of people. So we created a series of innovative ideas that made the share act inherit to the race. And most important, in a fun way.


The 20 teams of the race were prepared with special equipment for this stunt. With a RFID sensor on their sneakers they stepped on special carpets during the race and every time it happened, a gif of themselves was posted on their facebook pages. Also, on race milestones, we placed a special Like Carpet for everyone to like with a step too and a special booth that runners could share their intimate feelings about the race.


The whole stunt reached more than 2.9 million people. The actions of a few, landed on millions. Nike showed that running can be engaging and very, very likeable.