Fruttare Getting Real

The new positioning of one of Brazil's most loved brands reconnects Fruttare to its origins. And to launch this positioning, nothing better than a new product. A Fruttare made with looooots of fruit. And with this came the idea for the new line of ice cream Fruttare Lots of Fruit. And since the brand is all about real fruit, the campaign needed to be real, with real people, with real opinions.

Besides the campaign, we created the new packaging, keeping the iconic elements that everybody recognizes and improving the brand's visual concepts. Real photos, which stand apart from the traditional digital illustrations used in the category, show the fruit in natura, still on the tree. And the quality of the fruit's origins gains protagonism in every flavour.


The packaging we created for the line of ice cream was one of the Great Cases of Packaging 2018, organized by the EmbalagemMarca magazine - a reference in the packaging sector. The winners were chosen based on a joint evaluation of criteria, including innovation, technology and economic and environmental impact.