Love who you want to love
(Ben & Jerry’s)

Ben & Jerry’s believes you have the right to love who you want to love. So do we. And after a special request on the brand’s facebook page, two guys, Nicolas and José got happily ever after inside the ice cream shop in São Paulo.

How it started:

This story begins after a facebook post about love equality. We were promoting a petition about the civil marriage between same sex people, and Nicolas thinking no one would hear him dared us to honor our words and marry him and his fiancé inside our store. We fell for it. Nicolas wanted it to be a surprise for his fiancé and wanted it took place on Valentine’s Day. We invited their friends, a film crew, prepared a speech and an ice cream cake. And they said yes.

The ceremony was lovely. Millions of people saw it online. Social media/PR coverage wasn’t behind. Mostly we showed that we walk our talk. When we say you have the right to love who you love, we mean it. We truly mean it. And with love and truth by our side, we can do anything.