Perfectionist charcuterie

We invited a perfectionist Chef to show that \"gourmet\" is achievable by anyone. You just need the right ingredients.


Rodrigo Oliveira, is a well known perfectionist. His restaurant, Mocotó, is one of the hottest and most awarded Brazilian food restaurants in São Paulo. That’s why he fitted perfect for Sadia’s "gourmet" campaign. As a major Brazilian food producer, Sadia wanted to show that "gourmet" really means quality food prepared with perfectionism. Rodrigo went to Sadia’s factory to understand the process of the ingredients and then prepare some recipes for the project. It was inspiring.


With a website, a documentary and a food stand inside a food fair in São Paulo, we inspired people to use Sadia’s top ingredients to create gourmet recipes in their daily routines. After all, being a perfectionist is not about being perfect. It’s about improving everyday.