Playful revolution
(Ben & Jerry’s)

Ben & Jerry’s believes a company has the responsibility to give back to the community all the support they receive. They believe a company has an obligation to help and build a better society, wherever they are. As they arrived in Brazil we knew we had to connect them with people that believe in that as well. We aimed their will of change to the ones taking the streets to have fun. Public space became our main objective of our Playful Revolution that started with a Picnic at Oscar Freire.

When we first visited Ben&Jerry’s factory in Vermont we were sure the best way to launch the company in Brazil was to show the truth behind their values and mission as a company. To communicate it we created a series of street initiatives that showed the company was coming to Brazil not only to sell ice-cream, but to instigate positive change. In São Paulo an activist team drove around with a Kombi sharing ice cream and supporting the movements transforming the city.

We were there at the biggest manifestations in the city. Showing our support for cyclists, park, musicians singing karaoke in public places, squares, same-sex parades, genres debates and much, much more. Along with our support, we distributed a coin that could be exchanged for ice cream at our stores and even collect signatures for parks and public spaces issues.