The best summer moments tastes like this

The truth of summer is that each one has its own.
Some enjoy at the beach, others go to the countryside. There are those who work, those who take a marathon series and those who enjoy travelling.
No matter where or how: everybody really wants to enjoy to the fullest.

Starting from the insight that it takes a lot of attitude these days to live your life your way with smoothness, without always trying to be right or trying to imitate another person, we developed the concept "Being smooth is for the strong", which combines the product\'s smoothness with the courage it takes to show your smooth way of living. All of this inside a context where our competitors speak a lot louder (sometimes shouting) than us. In the ads, we approached the fear people have of bringing new and unexpected things to the traditional whiskey category, like using it to make drinks.

And with Sadia cold cuts, everyone can have much more of each summer moment.
That's why we created 10 sandwich recipes: a special one for each summer moment. And four short videos, because after all, at the best season of the year, nobody wants to lose time in front of the computer.